Artist Bio

George (Jeep), Oli, Harry & Joe did pretty poor on their A levels and ended up at Coventry university. Some mutual friends, pasta, rounds in and a scotch egg later, we had FEET!
Jeep rather lazily wrote most of Petty Thieving on a 4 string guitar because he couldn’t be bothered to re string it. The lyrics and the rest of it came from an all nighter with Ollie around Coventry, which ended with a spoons breakfast and a few tins on the uni hub roof garden.
The reaction has been something the band never expected to come from the video. Jeep says “i guess we are still just riding our luck. We have been pretty much repeating our own mantra ever since and its worked at so far ‘it can’t possibly go wrong ever'”
FEET release their debut 7″ of Petty Thieving/Macho Macho on Yala Records on 27th October 2017.