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MARCH 2013

Click below to read the Classic Rock article on AC/DC firing Peter Mensch.


A note from our sponsor:

35 years ago, after failing to get a job in the music business, Peter Mensch did what any potentially unemployed person would do back in the mid 70s…he went to graduate school. He picked the University of Chicago so he could hang out with his best friend in the world, Cliff Burnstein (himself the possessor of 1.5 advanced degrees – Cliff is “ABD” from the University of Pennsylvania – first person who can figure out ABD gets a backstage pass for the Q Prime concert of his or her choice – CONTEST CLOSED). The trick about graduate school, however, is that you actually have to graduate. To graduate, one has to write a Master’s Thesis. Peter Mensch chose to write a Master’s Thesis proving that radio airplay sold records. Now clearly, we know that radio airplay does sell records…but try and prove it as a scholarly work. The results of Peter’s work are posted on this website. Thanks to Danny Markus for unearthing the only known copy of the thesis.

2 years ago, after spending a stimulating 4 years at Hamilton College, Jesse Browner-Hamlin showed up at Q Prime bearing a very deep and complex BA Honors thesis on drumming. Actually, it’s probably a lot more than that, but it went over my head. Jesse was recommended by a  friend as someone just crazy enough to want to be in the Music Business. We tested Jesse’s mettle, we shipped him off to a competitor for a bit and then we dragged him back and hired him. So in honor of Jesse’s hiring and because everybody should read his extraordinarily well written manuscript, we are posting his thesis as well.

If a website is meant to be the repository of all things floating around in the world, then we see no reason why not to include these 2 theses along with everything else we do around here. Please read and comment below.
An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Radio Airplay and Advertising on Record Sales

The Art of the Drum: The Religious and Spiritual Dynamic of Drumming and Drum Crafting in Fiji, Japan, India, Morocco and Cuba (2008)